Introducing Velasea

An Arbitech OEM I​nitiative

In partnership with major manufacturers, Velasea is able to offer high-quality and well-priced servers and workstations that become the platform on which the appliances are built. Velasea's engineers customize each appliance to meet the needs of the particular application, be it video monitoring software (VMS) for security, healthcare practice management software for medical professionals, or another vertical that requires specialized solutions.


Velasea leverages its OEM relationships, while utilizing its global sourcing expertise, to provide resellers and integrators with efficient, cost effective, customized security solutions that come with pre and post-sales support. In the physical security vertical, Velasea has already achieved strong success in providing security appliances for major casinos in Las Vegas and other companies in the gaming/security industry. Velasea has quickly become a trusted source within the security appliance builder arena and offers its customers the ability to do more with less.


Velasea, an affiliate of Arbitech,LLC, designs and delivers true end to end OEM security solutions encompassing servers, storage, workstations and AI appliances. OEM relationships with Lenovo, Dell, EMC, DDN, NVDIA, NetApp, along with other vendor relationships, ensure Velasea designs are efficient and scalable to meet any customers unique specifications.