Velasea & Canopy Partner to Provide Remote Cloud Management

May 4, 2023 | Press Release

ATLANTA – May 4th, 2023 — Canopy (formerly Banyan Hills Technologies), a leading remote monitoring and management (RMM) software company, today announced a partnership with Velasea, a premier OEM distributor and system builder serving the physical security market. The partnership will provide physical security operators with powerful technology solutions that combine Canopy’s RMM solution with Velasea’s systems integration expertise.

The Canopy RMM platform helps operators manage large deployments of unattended equipment such as servers, cameras, or access control systems. Canopy gives real-time visibility into device health and empowers users with customizable remote actions and automation to ensure the uptime and availability of their surveillance technology.

For Canopy customers, the partnership allows them to leverage Velasea’s OEM expertise and partnerships with dozens of hardware manufacturers. Thanks to a strong working relationship between the two companies, Canopy can integrate with many of Velasea’s OEM offerings and allow users to set up automation to act on the data collected from the integrated equipment.

Velasea has developed an extensive global network, enabling them to stock the most comprehensive inventory of technology products available. By leveraging numerous OEM relationships with some of the biggest names in the industry, Velasea provides resellers with efficient, cost-effective, customized security solutions. Working with Velasea allows clients access to the broadest range of advanced technology available on the market today.

Velasea also has an extensive domestic network. From its Irvine, California and Henderson, Nevada facilities, which include state-of-the-art configuration labs, Velasea’s in-house design, deployment, and support engineering teams implement cost-effective, full-stack solutions that involve the most advanced AI and security software available today.

I’m very excited for our partnership with Velasea,” said Steve Latham, CEO and Founder of Canopy. “By combining Velasea’s first-class technology expertise with our hardware agnostic software, we’ll be giving physical security industry customers a broad range of remote capabilities to better support their devices.

Steve’s sentiment is echoed by Tom Larson, President of Velasea. “In our continued effort to grow our portfolio of offerings and partner with cutting edge technology companies, we are thrilled to announce our ability to ‘bridge the gap’ between legacy management and cloud-based management solutions with Canopy,” said Tom Larson, President of Velasea. “With remote monitoring, real-time visibility, multi-tenant environment capabilities, and automation, we feel we are now able to offer our customers a powerful solution to the pains of complex fleets of mixed devices and OT hardware.

About Canopy Technology

Canopy’s remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform gives centralized visibility into the real-time health status of device deployments and automates issue resolution. By proactively finding and solving issues with automated workflows, we reduce deployment downtime, so customers get fewer calls about “down” devices and spend less time doing manual support tasks.

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About Velasea

Velasea is a full-service OEM system builder that handles highly complex integrations around physical security, retail analytics, computer vision, and artificial intelligence (AI) on behalf of numerous technology partners and system integrators. From ultra-compact to hyper-converged configurations, Velasea successfully provides solutions to challenging emerging technology problems in incredibly demanding, yet varied, environments.

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