Evolv Express® Rentals

Evolv Express is the world’s first and only touchless security screening solution that meets all of the post-pandemic security screening requirements. Evolv Express is a weapons detection system that combines sensor technology with AI, security ecosystem integrations, and comprehensive venue analytics. The combination of these systems ensures a safer, more accurate threat detection system at a higher speed and volume.

  • More weapons found

  • 70% lower labor costs

  • 10 times faster than metal detectors/
    4,000 people screened per hour

  • Positive visitor experience

A group of people walking through Evolv weapon scanners

physical screening

Guests do not need to remove anything from their person or place items in a communal or shared bowl/table. The open, free-flow system allows for proper social distancing while allowing the line to move forward, avoiding line backup.

Targeted searches

Areas can be searched in almost all instances without a security officer having to physically contact the person. This is achieved because security officers see a real-time image on a screen showing precisely where the potential threat is located, whether in a bag or on a person's body.

A tablet show casing Evolv threat detection capabilities
Evolv advanced item detection capabilities

Advanced weapon and threat detection

Evolv detection systems can distinguish between threats, like weapons, and everyday things that people take with them, such as cell phones, a wallet, keys, etc.

Smarter over time

Thanks to the AI technology in place, the system becomes more intelligent over time, as new threat profiles are discovered.

Three computer screens
Many computer systems showcasing Evolv integration possibilities


Certain integrations can be added to meet your security needs. Thermal imaging, facial recognition, integration into ticketless entry systems like CLEAR, turnstiles, speed gates, etc.

Our Evolv Rental Program is ideal for any large event. Professional sports, concerts, festivals, county fairs, or any large venue.
Rentals are available for any period of time and pricing is available upon request.

Rental Term Options:
1-5 Day Terms
Weekly Terms
Monthly Terms
Seasonal Terms

One of our engineers will survey the site and help determine the best location for the Evolv Express units.
This will ensure the best setup for your event.

*this offer is only for events in Southern California

The units are shipped in a single lid cargo container, our team handles all of the logistics to get your units packaged and shipped directly to the venue.

Our team will train your security staff on how to use and set up the units, setting up the tablets or monitors,
and basic troubleshooting to ensure you have the tools for a smooth event.

Support is available for any issues that may arise before, during, or after your event.

Interested in renting our security scanners for your next event?
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